Traditional Chinese Medicine

Douglas Krech O.M.D., Doctor of Oriental Medicine, began his studies in  Traditional Chinese Medicine in 1982 at Emperors College of Traditional Chinese Medicine. He then went on to earn his Doctor of Oriental Medicine from SAMRA University of Oriental Medicine. 

After graduating with honors, he began a 30 year career that included: teaching, treating a wide variety of conditions, research / development and lecturing.

In 1987, Douglas traveled to China to study the integration of Western Traditional Medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine, with an emphasis on chronic and degenerative conditions.

In 1992 he received a diploma from The College of Homeopathy (D.Hom. (Med))

After 10 years of research and development, while working with patients and Oncologist at Cedar’s Sinai, he presented his cancer research findings during a  lecture tour in the United States. He is currently researching  and treating autoimmune conditions and fibromyalgia, with a special interest in integrating new fields of science that are revolutionizing medicine. This integration may help to develop more effective programs to treat a variety of conditions. He is also working on early childhood disease prevention, which takes into consideration the revolutionary field of science called epigenetics, a theory that is creating a paradigm shift in medicine. He considers functional medicine the future of medicine, where understanding and treating the core issues is essential in working with complex disorders. Traditional Chinese Medicine’s concepts are consistent with this understanding.

He has many interest, including: family, research, lecturing, art, photography, biking, hiking, music, tennis and writing.

Douglas. is helping to pave the way to a system of medicine that will become more responsive to the needs of the patient, as well as, assist in the integration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, where a single system alone, might not accomplish the same results.


Douglas Krech,O.M.D.

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